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** Please note that the tutorial system will timeout 3 minutes after logging in so please ensure that you have saved your choices.

** Students who have "A" and "B" tutorials: Please note that you can only enrol for the "A" tutorial and will not be able to enrol for "B" tutorials. If you have enrolled for "A1" then please attend both "A1" and "B1". Similarly, if you have enrolled for "A2" then please attend "A2" and "B2" and so on.

Plase note that the tutorial system will close for students on 22/06/17. Please enrol in your tutorials before this date.

The system was last updated on 22/06/17 0800hrs.

Students enrolled in GED 010 and GED 020 should follow their respective timetable.

Students enrolled in PHYS143 should enrol in PHYS143 labs through Moodle.

Please note that the tutorial enrolment system will open for students according to the below schedule.

Please contact ITTS in Block 5 if you are not able to log on.

Please note that this system is only for tutorial enrolment. All lecture enrolment/changes should be done through SOLS.

Opening Time Subject
Thursday, 15 June 2017
1030hrs ACCY111, ACCY112, ACCY200, ACCY211, ARTS017
1100hrs ARTS035, COMM101, COMM121, CSCI015, CSCI323, ECON100, ECTE465
1130hrs ENGG100, ENVI030, FIN 111, FIN 222, ISIT102, ISIT301
1200hrs MARK101, MARK343, MATH015, MATH020, MATH142, OPS 113, OPS 216, PHYS030, PHYS143
1230hrs PSYC015, SOC 103, STAT015, STAT131, STAT291
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