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Dear UOWD Student,

Following student feedback raised in surveys and at the SRC meeting with UOWD Management, this semester we are using SOLS for tutorial enrolment, instead of Student Allocator.

This means that you will be using SOLS to a fuller functionality, and you will be able to view your timetable on SOLS.

You will need to enrol yourself into the applicable lecture, and into a tutorial and/or lab for the subjects in which you are enrolled. Tutorials/Labs for Summer 2018 will be open for enrolment from Wednesday this week (June 13). Following the steps outlined from the link below, you will be able to see what time your tutorial will open for enrolment.

Please follow the link and read through each step carefully so you know what to do when your tutorials open up. It is a very simple and quick process.

Tutorial Enrolment Guide

UOWD Administration